Nespresso – Aged Sumatra

An espresso with an intensely earthy aroma with notes of molasses, green walnuts, wood and smoke. The taste offers bitterness, sweetness and complex flavours of Pu’er teas.

Nespresso – Tribute to Milano

Intense aroma of this espresso combines caramel sweetness, fragrant spices, pears, nuts and dark-roast bitterness. The taste is dominated by bitterness.

Nespresso – Tribute to Trieste

An Italian-style espresso with an aroma offering creamy sweetness, gingerbread spices and dark-roast bitterness. The taste is primarily bitter.

L’Or Espresso – Guatemala

Single-origin Guatemalan coffee with a pleasant aroma of sugary sweetness, cinnamon, oak and cherries. The taste brings dark-roast bitterness and the dry acidity of apple cider.

L’Or Espresso – Colombia

A single-origin espresso with a pleasant aroma of toffee and cake, enriched by vanilla and cinnamon. The taste brings a dark-roast bitterness throughout.

Jacobs – Espresso 10 Intenso

Darkly roasted coffee with an aroma combining bitterness and caramel sweetness with notes of sour cherries, spices and smoke. The taste is dominated by herbal bitterness.

Nespresso Master Origin – Indonesia

Single-origin coffee with a robust and intense aroma that brings together the sweetness of ripe fruits and molasses with more subtle notes of roasted barley, vanilla and chocolate. The taste offers intense bitterness of darkly-roasted coffee, cocoa and burnt toffee.

Café Royal – Guatemala

A mild and light-bodied espresso with a combination of caramel sweetness, touch of cocoa and hints of fruitiness both on the nose and on the palate.

Nespresso – Caffè Venezia

Coffee with an intense, complex aroma of burnt toffee, oriental spices and sour cherries, and a taste dominated by dark-roast bitterness.

L’Or Espresso – Or Rose

An espresso with floral, sweet and slightly bitter aroma and a taste with intense bitterness, red apple acidity and creamy sweetness.

Kafeterija – Sova (Owl)

A heavier espresso with an aroma of burnt toffee, cereals and nuts and a taste which is sweet at the beginning but becomes intensely bitter later on.

Café Royal – Doppio Espresso

Strong and intense coffee showcasing Italian-style dark roasting. It combines caramel with ripe sour cherries, almonds and dark chocolate in the aroma and offers intensely bitter taste mellowed by fruity acidity and creamy sweetness.

Kafeterija – Zeka (Bunny)

A traditional espresso with intense coffee bitterness and limited acidity coming in an original and funny packaging.

Cru Kafe – Organic Light Roast

A subtle espresso which is mildly sweet on the nose and combines apple acidity, grapefruit and cocoa bitterness and creamy sweetness.

Cellini Caffè – Cremoso

Italian-style dark-roast espresso with a heavier, woody aroma enriched by notes of caramel and spices and an intense taste combining dark roast bitterness with creamy sweetness and notes of cocoa and roasted barley.

Caffé Corsini – Costa Rica

An espresso with aroma combining the sweetness of caramel and amaretto with notes of nuts and smokiness. The taste is not fully balanced, with the darker roast bitterness, creamy sweetness and light acidity.

Mövenpick – Puro

A dark-roast espresso with an aroma of sweet cereals, almonds and hints of bitterness and a taste combining dark-roast bitterness and citrusy acidity.

Carte Noire Espresso – Bio

An intense, dark-roast espresso with an aroma combining malt and caramel sweetness and cocoa bitterness. The robust taste is filled with starker fruity acidity and lasting herbal bitterness.

Jumbo – Costa Rica

A mild espresso with an aroma of sweet cherries, cereals and wood and a subtle taste.

Barista – Macondo Colombia

This single origin Colombia is sweet, bitter and spicy on the nose while the taste is dominated by sharp bitterness and citrusy acidity.

Taylors – Citrus Gold Kenya

This single origin Kenya makes an espresso with a pleasantly sweet aroma of malt and toffee and intense citrusy acidity.

Café Royal – Colombia

This single origin Colombia makes an espresso with malty sweetness on the nose and lasting cocoa bitterness on the palate.