Nespresso – Cafezinho do Brasil

A darkly-roasted espresso with an aroma bringing intense bitterness, mellow toffee and distinct roasted notes. The taste is bitter and smokey.

Tegut – Espresso

An espresso that is sharp and heavy on the nose and harshly bitter on the palate. These are clear signs of strong oxidation.

My-coffee Cup – Espresso Fortissimo

An espresso with a heavy, earthy aroma combining dark-roast bitterness and creamy sweetness. The taste is light and watery, offering only a mild taste of grapefruit bitterness.

Franprix Espresso – Colombie

Coffee with a pleasant aroma of cereals, caramel and wood, and an unbalanced taste of lemony acidity and dark-roast bitterness.

Nespresso – Café Istanbul

Heavily roasted coffee with aroma combining earthy notes with hints of cereals, walnuts and sour cherries, and a taste dominated by a sharp bitterness.

Carrefour – Kenya

An espresso with a balanced aroma of dark-roast bitterness and cereal sweetness and a sharp taste with lemony acidity and intense bitterness.

Espresso San Marco – No. 6

An edition of biodegradable capsules that allow the coffee in them to oxidize, resulting in an underwhelming espresso.

Eden Project – Colombian

An organic, single-origin Arabica packaged in biodegradable capsules that produce espresso with a sharp and heavy aroma and an unbalanced, bitter taste

Jumbo – Indonesia

Coffee with a low-intensity aroma combining dark roast bitterness with light sweetness and a starkly acidic and intensely bitter taste.

Jumbo – Ethiopia

A rather underwhelming espresso with a heavy aroma and an unbalanced taste.

CaféPod – Ristretto

An intensely dark espresso with notes of burnt toffee and free fitness classes included.

Yauco – Colombia

This single origin Colombia brings sweetness on the nose, followed by intense acidity and rough bitterness of darkly roasted coffee.

La Mocca Caffé – Ethiopia

This single origin Ethiopia delivers rather underwhelming coffee with intense acidity and a lack of depth and aromas.