Taylors – Praline Especial Brazil

Praline Especial Brazil by Taylors

This new edition of Brazilian single origin capsules by Taylors makes an espresso with a pleasantly sweet aroma but plainly bitter taste. Unfortunately, it doesn’t reach the quality of the previous edition of Taylors Brazil.

Praline Especial Brazil by Taylors


Pleasant sweetness of breakfast cereals and malted barley is followed by heavier, woody notes. These are accompanied by the bitterness of the darkly roasted coffee and hints of nuts and smoke.


This espresso is primarily bitter with hints of cocoa and burnt rubber.


A consistent extraction produces nice crema.

Our rating



Beautifully decorated box contains neatly packed capsules made of brightly coloured plastic. Capsules are capped by aluminium foil which makes them non-biodegradable and difficult to recycle. The streamlined shape of the capsules and their shiny finish makes them suitable for a decorative holder. Although, the exceptional illustrations on the box make the box perhaps even nicer decoration. The description on the packaging promises a praline-like espresso with notes of hazelnuts and sweetness of chocolate and malt. The intensity (roast) rating is 8.


This is the new edition of Taylors of Harrogate Brazilian coffee capsules. While the design of the packaging is certainly more evocative than the previous edition, we are much less impressed by the quality of the coffee. The previous edition of Taylors Brazil was less poetical in the description of what we should expect, but offered more information about the used coffee beans. And, more importantly, it made a much better espresso.

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