Taylors – Spice Kautaka India

Spice Kautaka India by Taylors

This extra dark, single origin Indian coffee from Taylors offers an extra bitter and spicy cup of espresso.

Spice Kautaka India coffee capsules by Taylors


Light sweetness of roasted barley is followed by the bitterness of darkly roasted coffee beans. Heavy, woody notes and smokiness also come through.


The taste is dominated by stark, almost spicy bitterness of over-roasted coffee.


A consistent extraction produces nice crema.


Yet another beautifully designed packaging with evocative graphics. As with the new Brazil and Kenya editions from Taylors, these capsules are made of smooth, brightly coloured plastic. Capsules are capped with aluminium foil which makes them non-biodegradable and difficult to recycle. A description on the box promises an intense espresso with fiery spice and smoke. Intensity (roast) rating is 10.


Taylors promises us an intense, extra dark espresso full of fire and smoke. And it certainly is as such. Indeed, this coffee is too darkly roasted for most. Perhaps only aficionados of very bitter coffee will find it roasted to their liking.

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