Tegut – Espresso

Espresso by Tegut

The Espresso capsules of the Tegut supermarket-own brand make coffee that is sharp and heavy on the nose and harshly bitter on the palate. These are clear signs of strong oxidation.

Espresso by Tegut: a coffee capsule box with black capsules on the green background


The aroma of this espresso is unpleasant, sharp and heavy. Its rough, woody notes are a clear sign of strongly oxidized coffee.


The taste is medicinally bitter and harsh. Only some cocoa notes manage to get through.


The extraction is fast and steady, producing tall crema.


The capsules of this Tegut-supermarket brand are packed in a small box with a design mimicking a recycled paper. The capsules are made of biodegradable plastic and covered by a paper filter.


These capsules are another unfortunate example of coffee that is significantly degraded by heavy oxidation. This happens because the ground coffee in the capsules is not sealed in a protective atmosphere. The capsules from Tegut are covered only by a paper filter and then loosely packaged in a paper box. We have encountered the same situation with other biodegradable capsules, for example, the Espresso Fortissimo by My-coffee Cup, No. 6 by Espresso San Marco, or Colombian by Eden Project. In contrast, when biodegradable capsules are properly sealed, the resulting coffee can be truly excellent. Just read our reviews of Las Laderas, Wegida Blue and Mi Bendicion from Colonna.

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