Terres de Café – Tico, Costa Rica

Tico by Terres de Café (Costa Rica)

Tico by Terres de Café has an aroma offering heavier sweetness and spicy complexity. The taste balances light winey acidity with a dark-roast bitterness.

Tico, Costa Rica by Terres de Café - yellow capsules with the box on a dark background


Tico has a heavier aroma which brings forward the sweetness of cereals, malted barley and caramel. Notes of cinnamon, vanilla and marzipan add a level of complexity.


On the palate, Tico combines the light acidity of wine grapes with a dry bitterness. The body of this espresso is creamy and the aftertaste leaves a bitter, grapefruit peel finish.


Tico capsules perform well and produce rich and tall crema.

Our rating

Very good


Tico comes in a neat box with cute graphics. The capsules are made of plastic and aluminium foil, which makes them non-biodegradable and difficult to recycle. Terres de Café describe Tico as fine and delicate, full-bodied coffee with fruity notes of cherries and dates.


Tico by Terres de Café is a single-origin Costa Rica from Naranjo Estate in the Central Valley. This coffee has a cupping score of 80+, which means very good coffee. And we agree.

Interestingly, we have noticed that in many capsules from Terres de Café the aluminium foil peels off after extraction. This is the case in all three editions we have reviewed – Yeti Moka Bio, Planadas Bio, and Tico. We have not found any influence of this peeling off on the taste of the coffee. However, the ease with which we can detach the foil from the plastic makes the capsules easier to recycle.

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